Iron Jacket Training

Body Conditioning

Mantis kung fu academy's Iron Jacket is trained to allow the body to withstand heavy impact, with the goal of improving the skills of students by learning how to be more mindful and focus on the elements of conditioning training.

We bring you the distilled elements of Iron jacket conditioning in an easy to digest episodes to increase your power, knowledge, structure and delivery.

When redirecting the energy, you’ll learn to understand how to give and receive the techniques to avoid injury.

In this level you will learn:

  • conditioning the body with a partner
  • conditioning the body by yourself
  • breathe control and placement of your internal air to withstand hits

Double the effectiveness of your training time and learn to switch on your awareness.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Bin Sou Hand Conditioning

    • Bin Sou Hand Conditioning

  • 2

    Sticky Hand Tui Sou and Back Conditioning

    • Sticky Hand Tui Sou and Back Conditioning

  • 3

    Hand Conditioning

    • Hand Conditioning

  • 4

    Conditioning Drills

    • Conditioning Drills

  • 5

    Conditioning Power Drills

    • Conditioning Power Drills

  • 6

    Front Kick Defence

    • Front Kick Defence

  • 7

    Upper Leg Conditioning

    • Upper Leg Conditioning

  • 8

    Gow Choy to Pai Sou Hand Conditioning

    • Gow Choy to Pai Sou Hand Conditioning