Level 1 – This is where it all starts!

Sarm Bo Gin

Level 1 is the outline of the Mantis kung fu system.

Right at your fingertips is the beginning level of an incredible journey for you to discover the understanding of the Mantis Kung Fu Academy’s unique art form.

 You will immediately be able to capture, feel & generate energy/power like never before.

 Striking, crushing, lifting & mental focus is where it all begins – it’s HERE & NOW.

Train, Discover, Enjoy & Make it YOURS.

In this level you will learn:

  • all nine of the single hand techniques and their fighting hand to hand applications.
  • the first form of Tong Long – Sarm Bo Gin.
  • basic footwork for the art.
  • pad work to build your hitting power.

Course curriculum

    1. Form - Sarm Bo Gin



    1. Lesson 1

    1. Lesson 2

    1. Lesson 3

About this course

  • $88.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content