Level 3 – Twist your Hips

Sarm Kung Bic Kiel

This is described as the nudging & bustling energy. The focus is to maintain & build power from technique to technique, never re-setting your hand to attack or defend

A very rewarding & exciting level as you finally feel like your hard work & training is finally getting somewhere & YES it will feel amazing.

Our bodies are naturally designed to produce circular movement so it is perhaps natural that circular movements are a part of many martial arts. Using a circular motion has many advantages which are covered in this level.

Level 3 introduces the first weapon form, the staff. It is a great form for your footwork, coordination and hand strength. Learning the staff helps to find your Tonglong structure and build your strike power. It’s also a great workout!

In this level you will learn:

  • The concept and application of circular body movements.
  • Use your structure to move and disrupt an opponents ma.
  • The first weapon form of the Mantis system, the long staff.
  • Sarm Kung Bik Kiel is the third form of the Southern Tong Long system.

Explode, Destroy, Build & Devastate.

Course curriculum

    1. Form Sarm Kung Bic Kiel

    1. Footwork Level 3

    1. Har Chum Bil Sou-Sinking Under

    1. Suren Tok Pek - Upward Support

    1. Tarn Sou - Upward Striking


About this course

  • $118.00
  • 14 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content