Level 5 – Silent & hidden yet deadly

Tong Long Bo Sim Sou

In this level you will learn how to develop the snatching and catching energy combining both speed , power, agility & rhythm these elements are then combined to deliver a devastating effect on your prey.

The weapons are an essential part of this process, in particular learning the tridents will increase the hitting power produced from your fists & also develop the particular arm strength needed to maintain a solid arm bridge – keil.

The level further develops the concept of the Tong Long posture with the ability to round the back, extend the arms yet retain the loose joints required for heavy hitting. This level is the gateway to the advanced understanding of the Mantis Kung fu system.

In this level you will learn:

  • the lengthening and improved structure of your bridge(connection between the hand & feet) & the unbendable Tong long arm.
  • precision striking.
  • 3 new weapon forms. Trident form, Walking Stick form , Staff Vs Trident
  • Tong Long Bo Sim Sou, the 5th form of the Mantis Tong Long system.

Snatch, Catch, Stick & Strike

Course curriculum

    1. Form – Tong Long Bo Sim Sou

    1. Gwart Bil Sou- Scrape & Spear Forward

    1. Yum Yuern Pai Sou- Ying/Yang Slicing

    1. Tong Long Sou- Praying Mantis

    1. Pak Sou Gou Choy- Hacking Closed Fist

    1. Chair Fun Sou- Seperate & Snatching

About this course

  • $138.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content